Frank Uit Het Broek was born in The Netherlands and lives

and works in Italy. As a child he was fascinated by the

discoveries and mysteries of ancient worlds. Living and working

in historic places provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

He started out as a teacher in the Arts and in Art-History, but

whenever he found the time Frank continued to paint and

create because of an abundance of ideas.

Together with his business companion he had a company for Decoration- and

Art-projects for 25 years. Until today he is Creative Director and

together with his partner he runs an Italian company for event

decorations and flowershops in Rome, Florence and Taormina.

The monumental sculptures and archeological finds from

classical times have been placed on canvases and with the help of various techniques become an important part of his iconography

     From time to time Frank creates three-dimensional work, but his

greatest passion continues to be painting.


 Living and working in Italy

is uniquely inspirational. Daily walks in Rome, Florence,

Taormina or the Italian countryside provide a visual stimulation

that find its way onto the canvas.The textures, colors, shapes and compositions collide to create a wealth of inspiration.

Through my paintings I aim to express the sensory experience

of the beauty of ancient civilizations.

I interpret painting in my own way, whereby I also explore my

drawing skills.

I believe that time and painting have a special connection. 

I try to recreate the deterioration of the old world, show the effect of time that have changed statues, surfaces and objects.

I work intuitive, bury and excavate, through a

process of transience and recovery. Through this process of

painting I explore the impact of this beauty.

 The work is both an emotional response

to the environment and an attempt to communicate a sense of

the ancient beauty, which is characteristic to this part of the

world. This is my source.